EnviroEmerg Availability for Emergency Response

SCAT team leader in the field
Stafford Reid: Field Observer

EnviroEmerg is available on short notice for emergency response - keeps both a Incident Command Post office kit and a field deployment kit always ready to go.  Stafford Reid as principal of EnviroEmerg will deploy anywhere in Canada and internationally. Primary deployment interest is marine and freshwater spill incidents. 


Areas of emergency response services include functioning in:


  • The Incident Command Post's Planning Section as a Section Chief or Unit leader;
  • The field as a observer for spill trajectory;
  • The Incident Command Post or in the field as Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques (Team) coordinator or team leader.
  • The Operation section to provide basic oil spill safety training to volunteers.


EnviroEmerg Consulting

3520 Glenora Road

Duncan,  British Columbia,
Canada  V9L 6S2




Mobile: (250) 732-5515

Skype: Stafford Reid