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EnviroEmerg has developed two emergency databases as applications to promote emergency preparedness within industry and government - designed for all threats and all jurisdictions. They are developed on FileMaker Pro and converted to "runtime applications" so do not require the original application to use. Both Mac And Window versions are available on request. Read copyright and disclaimer below.


A brief description:


  • RegEmerg - is an emergency personnel database that provides a structured approach to pre-registering response personnel within an agency, company, or non-government organization such as those that have Incident Management Team, OR to register responders as they arrive to participate at an incident (or exercise). RegEmerg is designed according to the international Incident Command System. The objective of using RegEmerg is to ensure the right person is doing the right job, under correct supervision, and safely.   The database can be used to register personnel from a company or agency, contractors, consultants, volunteers, and cooperating/assisting agencies.  The database is designed for registering personnel at the incident management (Incident Command Post) to the tactical (field) operations levels.  It is applicable to all hazards such as spills, seismic threats, floods, forest and structural fires, medical and animal health incidents. The US FEMA job descriptions and resource typing are used in the database directories for field assignment.


  • ICSEmerg - is an Incident Command System (ICS) forms database that enables a user to type in incident information and print out hard copies. There are fourty-four forms to choose from. It is a modification of the US NOAA ICS electronic database forms, which is fully acknowledged in the application. As a database, there are utilities such as ensuring a common event naming, defining operational periods, merging data and more.  ICSEmerg also keeps a permanent record of all events that can be retrieved during or after an event.  ICSEmerg provides a means to build Incident Action Plans (IAPs) that are essential for emergency management of long, complex events.  

Getting Database Files

Just send an e-mail making a request for the "runtime" applications that can be downloaded as compressed files: .zip for Windows and .sitx for Mac.  Read the "about" documents to get started.

About RegEmerg.pdf
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Sample RegEmerg Data Input Forms.pdf
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Sample RegEmerg Output Products.pdf
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About ICSEmerg.pdf
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Sample ICSEmerg input & output products.
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Copyright and Disclaimer

Those that used these emergency databases have sole responsibility for any performance outcome. EnviroEmerg Consulting holds no legal or financial liability on the application of RegEmerg.


The databases are not copyright protected, but is subject to acknowledgement of original source.  They can not be sold for profit or retailed.  When provide as a “runtime” application - they are not maintained by EnviroEmerg Consulting


They have been developed on FileMaker Pro Advanced.  The original development file or as runtime versions can be use on Windows and Apple operating systems. 


EnviroEmerg Consulting  is available to make minor modifications to the the database to meet client needs.  Feel free to use the databases as a model/template.


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