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A Disciplined Approach to Emergency Management

EnviroEmerg provides a 1/2 day presentation of what it takes to have a disciplined approach to emergency management.  The overview segways into the application of the Incident Command System.  


This presentation differentiates between what is tactical operations (firefighting, spill response, search and rescue, flood protection) and what is emergency management (setting response objectives, developing tactical strategies, communication incident action).


The presentation promotes dialogue on what it means to step out of the choas of an incident and start emergency management, such as becoming an Incident Commander.  It explores the different roles of the Incident Management Team (IMT) at an Incident Command Post (site-level) to those at Emergency Operations Centres (support levels). Other concepts such as Unified Command and team integration are explored.


The 1/2 presentation has been shown to be invaluable to agencies and companies that are developing or revisiting their emergency program. 


EnviroEmerg is then available to work with the client for the following afternoon to develop a program review or provide specific training.  

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Exercise Design and Facilation

EnviroEmerg designs and facilitate emergency exercises; specializing in oil and hazardous material incidents from rail, vessel, pipeline or vehicle.  All exercise are based on the Incident Command System approach to emergency management.

Exercise beginning with shoreline cleanup of a marine oil spill.
Shoreline cleanup Exercise.pdf
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Exercise inputs for shoreline cleanup of an marine oil spill
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