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The following emergency management courses are available for clients to sponsor. Clients organize participants and establish the venue; EnviroEmerg delivers the training.


Mixed sector participation is recommended (corporate, government, First Nations). Training is an effective means of showing a strong commitment to the welfare of people and the environment within an organization, as well as to the broader response community. 


All course are designed and delivered to international standards.

Course cost based on a set fee amount, not per person, so as to encourage full response community participation.

Incident Command System (ICS) for Emergency Management

Incident Command System (ICS) 200 Basic and 300 Intermediate course

Both Basic 200 and Intermediate 300 levels of ICS are combined as a 3 day course.  Course is US National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant. The ICS content is from a variety of sources, which includes - but not limited to - the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Department of Agriculture, US National Interagency Fire Centre, and BC Emergency Response Management System.


Incident Command System Refresher and Preparedness course: A one day ICS refresher that reviews: the initial roles of Incident Commander and Operations, establishing Divisions/Groups, employing the ICS 201 Briefing form for documentation and communication, applying the Operational Period, preparing an Incident Action Plan, using of the ICS 215 Operational Planning Worksheet, applying Unified Command, integrating government and industry and other stakeholders in response planning, and more.


This ICS course provides an opportunity for a client to examine their emergency response plans and preparedness, as the course can revolve around scenarios developed by the participants based on their real risks and concerns. 

Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques (SCAT) for Oil Spills

Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques* (SCAT) courses: (*Techniques is also referred to as Team). A three day course that examines how to assess oiled shores, determine cleanup options, develop constraints and end-points, manage field data, foster agency and community acceptance, and more.  Developed to international standards based on US NOAA and Environment Canada decades of work in this specialized area. 


Each 3-day course is specifically designed for temperate (cold water) and tropical (mangroves, reefs, seagrass) marine environments, as well as inland freshwater environments (lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands). 

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