Emerging Environmental Issues

EnviroEmerg Consulting focuses on emerging regional, national and international environmental issues primarily related to oil and hazardous material spill risk, prevention, preparedness and response.  


EnviroEmerg provides emergency management training and services under the Incident Command System (ICS) with a focus on environmental emergencies related to oil and hazardous material spills in marine and inland environments. 


EnviroEmerg specializes in Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques (SCAT) for oil spills in both marine and freshwater environments.


EnviroEmerg is available for exercise design, facilitation, and participation under the ICS.  EnviroEmerg is available in Canada and internationally for emergency response to deliver ICS planning, field observation, and SCAT.


Sectors include transportation (vessel, rail, road, pipeline) and industrial (manufacturing, storage). Clients include government, companies, First Nations and non-government organizations.  All training and services are to international standards.

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Stafford Reid

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EnviroEmerg Consulting's Brochure
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Whats New

Undertook First Nation community workshops to identify Areas of Concern for marine oil spill response (North and Central BC Coast) and participated in field surveys to develop Geographic Response Strategies for North Vancouver Island region.


Provided technical services to Cowichan Tribes on reconsideration of the Trans-mountain Pipeline Expansion with technical submission to the National Energy Board on fate, behaviour and operational challenges related to a dilbit spill.


Recipient of the Pacific States/BC Oil Spill Task Force's legacy award presented at the Clean Pacific conference on June 18, 2015 in Vancouver. Award was "For outstanding achievements in major vessel casualty planning and response on the coast of British Columbia" For details see: http://oilspilltaskforce.org/legacy-awards/


Delivered ICS 100 (orientation), 200 (basic)and 300 (intermediate) training sponsored by the Council of the Haida Nation over four days in Skidegate.


Up-dated BC Ministry of Environment's three spill response plans for marine and inland oil spills, and hazardous material incidents (original author in 1991-93), prepared an Incident Management Handbook, and twenty two Position Task Books for Incident Management Team positions and technical specialists. http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/eemp/resources/index.htm

Recent Work
Listing of recent work with client references
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The Dilbit (Diluted Bitumen) Debate: Going Down the Rabbit Hole
Discussion paper's focus is on the scientific debate pertaining to the fate and behaviour, as well as associated response challenges of a modified bitumen crude with a condensate or naptha if spilled into marine waters. This is a "dilbit", as often referred to as a "diluted bitumen". The first part examines social, economic, and political impediments to effective dialogue on this topic. The second part addresses topics to cast the "dialogue-net" a bit further from scientific and response standpoints. It goes into aspects of fate, behavour and challenges of a dilbit if spilled in marine waters from a tanker casualty.
Institutional and Scientific Challenges
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A Guide for Preparing Geographic Response Plans and Strategies for Marine Incidents in the MaPP Region
Prepared by EnviroEmerg Consulting and Nuka Planning and Research Group. This document outlines a process for developing Geographic Response Plans and Geographic Response Strategies . A primer on why, when, where, and how to prepare GRP and GRS. It reflects international best practice for consensus-based geographic response planning founded on successful models from the United States (US) and Australia.
2017 Guide for Geographic Response Plans
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2018 A Technical Evaluation Related to Reconsideration of Marine Transportation Aspects of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project
Prepared for Cowichan Tribes as technical evidence to the National Energy Board (NEB) for reconsideration of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project - marine transportation applications. This report is for general distribution only. If citing, refer to report files located in the NEB registry for this project.
2018 Cowichan Tribe Technical Submission
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Major Marine Vessel Risk and Response Preparedness Presentation
Provided to Emergency Planners for the City of Vancouver and Metro region, May 2014
Marine Vessel Risk & Response VANCOUVER
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